Barielly Palm Leaves Tote - Pink

Barielly Palm Leaves Tote - Pink

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Barielly Palm Leaves Tote - Pink
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  • 100% Natural, made from sustainable resources
  • Handmade using sun dried palm leaves
  • Durable leather handles
  • Product Size - 14" H x 20" W



Naturally beautiful, this tote delivers exceptional style, utility, and an unmatched durability. The tote’s body is made from hand-woven sun dried palm fronds that have been given color using organic dye. This hand-made tote boasts comfortable leather shoulder straps for carrying with ease. The straps are attached to the tote itself with stylish, embellished rivets that connect the strap to both the inside and the outside of the tote. The reinforced rivets are naturally protected from any breakages, chipping, or deformations that usually come of regular buttons over time. It is available in four different color variations, which all compliment the sun-dried palm fibers exquisitely. Tote includes a simple button/leather loop enclosure. The benefits of this tote being hand-woven, as well as individually dyed, is that no two totes are identical: making this tote entirely your own. With a strength that sets it apart from common, machine-made tote bags, this tote embodies durability, sustainability, and an eye-catching beauty. Bring this modern tote for the farmers market, visits to the beach, or keep it as a stylish storage around the house.