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Burtchart (3' x 5')


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Burtchart (4' x 6')


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Burtchart (8' x 10')


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Introducing Burchart, with its lively botanical eruption of color. The rug itself features numerous colors such as purple, pink, red, green, and turqoise. With so many colors working together to create a scene of floral beauty, the subtle black background provides a subdued calm to the colors themselves. Energetic, charismatic, and full of whimsical adventure, Burchart is sure to please.


Heritage collection is an eclectic mix of fine rugs completely hand made using various traditional rug weaving techniques such as hand knotted, kilims, and crewel embroidery. Each rug due to the hand made nature is unique and has impressive details and colors. • For best results, use with a rug pad