Are you ready for some delightful time outside? Designing an outdoor space can be a rewarding experience, especially when you have a trendy outdoor rug to inspire your decor. So, if you are still looking for ideas for designing a patio, deck, balcony (or any outdoor area, really) and can't decide where to start, then start with an outdoor rug! Let it guide the style and ambiance of the space, ensuring a stylish setup that leaves a lasting impression.


1. Contemporary Minimalist Urban Space

Rug: Fab Habitat - Cancun Shadow

Style: Contemporary Urban

For those of you who love a modern minimalist look, the Cancun Shadow rug is a game-changer. If your goal is a modern minimalist patio, the simple, modern appeal of the neutral, double-sided Cancun Shadow outdoor rug (available also in varying shades) fits right in. At the same time, it’s so versatile that you can use it with almost any other decor style. Pair it with modular furniture made from powder-coated metal or resin wicker materials. Consider a sectional sofa with streamlined cushions in solid grey or blue tones to complement the rug. Add also a lightweight throw blanket for cozy summer nights, a glass-topped coffee table with a geometric base for the ultimate modern touch.


2. Modern Coastal Terrace

Rug: Fab Habitat - Tokyo

Style: Modern Coastal

The Tokyo outdoor rugs boast a vibrant geometric blue and white pattern, bringing a fresh coastal vibe to any space. For an earthy terracotta color scheme, explore the Tokyo rug in Burnt Orange. Opt for sleek woven outdoor furniture with blue cushions to complement the rug. Natural elements, like weathered wood, a driftwood coffee table, or sea glass accents, are always a good idea. Complete the look with large potted palms and a few curated decor pieces, such as a ship's wheel or anchors.


3. Bohemian Backyard

Rug: : Fab Habitat Rio

Style: Bohemian Chic

The Rio outdoor rug series is a perfect choice if you aim for a bohemian-inspired outdoor living. Featuring a captivating pattern of circular floral motifs, this rug brings a burst of sunshine to any outdoor area. Brighten your outdoor space with a vibrant yellow outdoor rug. Mix and match colorful cushions, ottomans, and even a hammock to create relaxed atmosphere. Add an assortment of potted plants in eclectic planters and hang string lights or lanterns to enhance the boho vibe. Include a few macramé hangings or dreamcatchers for an authentic touch.


4. Deck Sunset In Outdoor Rug

Rug: Fab Habitat Big Sur Sunset

Style: Vibrant and Playful

Elevate your patio or deck with the vibrant and trendy Big Sur Sunset outdoor rug. This stunning rug features a captivating gradient of warm hues, from bright yellows to deep oranges, creating an energetic and inviting atmosphere. Perfectly suited for pairing with modern outdoor furniture in black, white, or natural wood shades, this rug enhances any outdoor decor style. Add bold-colored accessories, a fire pit, or an outdoor heater to make the space cozy for cooler evenings. Decorate with playful garden sculptures and bubbly lanterns to complete the look. Whether you're hosting a summer party or enjoying a quiet evening outdoors, the Big Sur Sunset rug brings warmth and style to your outdoor living area.


5. Minimalist Zen Garden

Rug: Fab Habitat Kyoto

Style: Minimalist Zen

The Kyoto outdoor rug's subtle pattern and calming color palette promote a serene environment. Combine it with simple, low-profile garden furnishings made of natural materials like bamboo or teak. Incorporate stone accents and minimalist planters holding bonsai or succulents. Use neutral-toned cushions and soft, indirect lighting with lanterns or solar-powered lights to maintain a tranquil ambiance.


6. Nautical-Inspired Deck With a Boho Twist

Rug: Fab Habitat Big Sur

Style: Nautical

This trendy outdoor rug carries a nautical theme a few steps away from its conventional look, offering you (at least) two styling directions. Use a classic navy-and-white combination in accessories, with sparse colorful accents like decorative pillows and outdoor throw blankets to avoid a dull look. Or, skip the nautical decor altogether and go for coastal minimalist chic instead. Whatever you decide, weathered wood furniture and woven elements like rattan chairs and bamboo accents will fit right in!


7. A Cheerful Farmhouse Sunroom

Rug: Fab Habitat Lhasa

Style: Bohemian/Farmhouse

The Lhasa outdoor rug's vivid pattern is perfect for chic sunroom. Mix and match it with wooden or wicker furniture and bright outdoor pillows. Surround the area with an abundance of flowering plants in mismatched pots, trellises covered with vines, footed tray and hanging baskets. Add a vintage touch with accessories like an old watering can, a birdhouse, and garden statues. Soft fairy lights or solar-powered lanterns will add a magical touch to this quaint outdoor space.


8. Timeless Elegance With Trendy Outdoor Rugs

Rug: Fab Habitat Sydney

Style: Timeless Elegance

With intricate patterns and muted tones, the Sydney outdoor rugs provide a sophisticated foundation for a patio full of flair. But that’s not the only asset: this rug is also double-sided! Pair it with wrought-iron furniture adorned with plush, neutral-colored whimsical throw pillow like here. Then, incorporate a mix of classic planters filled with lush foliage, perhaps followed by a stone water feature. Add a few modern lanterns for soft evening lighting, creating a cozy ambiance.


9. Tropical Retreat for Terrace Decoration

Rug: Fab Habitat Hilo

Style: Tropical Oasis

The palm leaf pattern of the Hilo outdoor rug collection brings a laid-back tropical feel. Complement it with bamboo or rattan furniture featuring bright cushions. Incorporate large potted palms, banana trees, ferns, and vivid, exotic flower bouquets. In addition, consider elements like tiki torches, bamboo screens, and a small water feature to enhance the tropical atmosphere. Use vibrant, colorful decor pieces like ceramic birds and tropical-themed lanterns.


10. Playful Patio With Stripey Outdoor Rugs

Rug: Fab Habitat Cancun Candy

Style: Contemporary

The Cancun Candy rug's lively mix of pastel stripes is perfect for creating a fun and family-friendly patio. Choose comfortable, casual seating like colorful Adirondack chairs or a large sectional with machine washable weather-resistant throw pillows. It will also go well with a sturdy wooden picnic table painted in a vibrant hue or a colorful plastic dining set for easy maintenance.


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By using these outdoor rugs as the centerpiece for each design style, you can create a range of distinctive outdoor spaces. And if nothing here hits your key, there's an entire collection of high-quality outdoor rugs for your backyard entertaining. Choosing these outdoor rugs is a smart decision because they are made from recycled plastic and are fully recyclable. They are easy to clean—just sweep or hose them off—and are stain-resistant, so you don't have to worry about spilling drinks or pet stains. Additionally, they are GoodWeave certified, ensuring no child labor was involved in the production. Whether you’re hosting a summer barbecue party or enjoying a peaceful evening, these colorful, eco-friendly, waterproof, UV, and stain-resistant rugs paired with stylish outdoor accessories like hammocks, outdoor pillows, and planters set the tone for a stylish and cozy outdoor living area.