Summer is the season for taking vacations—but when you love your home, you’ll never want to leave! In fact, you can plan a perfect summer staycation that’s filled with food, fun, and relaxation without ever leaving. From adding a hammock to sitting around a firepit, there are plenty of ways to make a staycation at home feel extra-special. Here’s how:

1. Add a hammock

Picture this: you’re laying in a comfortable hammock with a fruity drink in hand, sunshine on your face, and wind in your hair. Are you on a tropical vacay? Nope! You’re in your own backyard! That’s right—by adding something as simple as a hammock to your outdoor space, it can transform you to somewhere completely different. Go for one with a vibrant print to really channel those beachy vibes, or try something more neutral.

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2. Hang some twinkly lights

Planning a staycation is all about the little things that feel special. Hanging some twinkly lights on your porch or in your backyard will bring a magical element to your summer nights. It also sets the scene perfectly for an outdoor movie night (wink, wink!).

3. Switch up your decor

Comfort is key when it comes to having a staycation in your own home. Switching out your normal decor for cute, cozy pillows—like Cancun, Big Sur, or Nassau—is a great way to make your space feel renewed. Plus, they make great companions while you read a book, lounge around, and get some sun.

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4. Elevate your dining space

One of the best parts about going on vacation is arguably all the great restaurants you try while you’re there. So why not make your dining space feel like you’re dining out?! By adding a floral arrangement, candles, tablecloth, and placemats, it’ll help you feel like you’re on vacation in your own home. Be sure to order from a new restaurant nearby so you complete the experience!

5. Swap out your bed linens

Switching up your current bedding for freshly cleaned, crisp sheets will give you that hotel feel in your very own bedroom. Consider adding a new comforter or bedspread—or, simply freshen things up with a new throw blanket to add a pop of color to your staycation digs.

You’re officially ready for a summer staycation! By making a few swaps to your indoor and outdoor spaces, you can be transported somewhere totally different for the last few weeks of summer. Enjoy!