I truly do love how an area rug can warm up an entire room, however I am always reluctant on placing one under a dining table, especially under a table we eat at on the daily...3 meals a day at...and where my floors are subject to spills, crumbs, you name it! It is hard sometimes to style a space with 3 kids and I have been wanting to place something under our kitchen table for years. Enter Fab Habitat and their line of family friendly rugs! 

Not only does this rug warm up the space, it truly does pull the whole room together, but it is super soft and cozy! My son actually said he wanted to take a nap on it lol! 

So what makes this rug so family friendly? This rug is called the Lancut and I love the soft gray and white color. The added fringe details on the end really sold me too! It is super soft and cozy underneath your feet AND the best part is it's machine washable! That's right...since this rug is considered indoor/outdoor it's super easy to take care of. It is made from environmentally friendly P.E.T, polyester fiber that is made from recycled plastic soda bottles. Any spills can easily be cleaned up, larger rugs like mine can be hosed off and line dried outside and smaller size rugs can be placed right in the washing machine! Talk about family friendly!

One design tip....under a dining table you defintely want to go bigger in size in any rug! Dining table rug should be at least 8x10 in size. When you pull out your chair you still want it on the rug, if that makes sense! If your table is a bit smaller, meaning it seats 4, you can get away with a smaller rug. Also measure it out to be sure before ordering! The rug in this space is 8x10 and just perfect!

I truly do love how a rug warms up a space! It definitely pulls a whole room together! 

Author: Michele Brown