Have you ever started decorating your home and then realized it’s not turning out the way you had hoped? More often than not, this happens because the design we envision in our heads doesn’t always translate in real life. Whether it’s colors that clash, patterns that don’t go together, or even fabrics that seem mismatched—it can be frustrating to create a space that feels cohesive and stylish. 

The solution? Product bundles.

Product bundles are sets of items with the same design—so your style carries through from room to room, and from indoors to outdoors. Sticking with the same colors and patterns (but dispersing them throughout different areas of your home) creates a common thread in your design that makes each space work together harmoniously. 

Fab Habitat’s product bundles include items like rugs, pillows, doormats, and hammocks. So if you’re drawn to a certain style, you can weave those pieces throughout your entire home for a cohesive, stylish look from start to finish. They work especially well in an outdoor space—like a backyard or patio—because all of our products are durable and easy to clean. So if you’ve been wanting to upgrade your outdoor area, these product bundles are a perfect fit. 

Ready to find the collection that works for you? Here are some of our favorite product bundles to elevate any space:

  1. Lhasa Collection

This collection is brilliantly bold! It includes a rug, pillow, doormat, and hammock—all in a bright, geometric pattern—to add a fun pop of design to every space. It’s especially perfect for indoor-outdoor living. 

  1. Cancun Collection

If stripes are your thing, this is the collection for you. Multi-colored straws are blended together to create vibrant and unique striped patterns on rugs, pillows, doormats, and more.

  1. Big Sur Collection

Romantic, charming, and colorful are three words to describe the Big Sur collection. The ombré effect on these pillows, rugs, and hammock make for elevated additions to every space.

  1. Tokyo Collection

Add a touch of elegance throughout your home with the Tokyo collection—featuring rugs, pillows, and doormats you’ll adore. The geometric pattern will add a sense of cohesion from the minute you enter your home to the minute you leave!

  1. Kingscote Collection

If your style is modern and clean, the Kingscote collection is exactly what you’re looking for. You can even mix and match the colors for an effortless feel throughout your home. 

  1. Biltmore Collection

For added texture, go for the Biltmore collection’s variety of pillows and rugs. The elevated-yet-comfortable design is perfect to weave into your home design both indoors and outdoors. 

Product bundles are a great solution for adding cohesion and style throughout every space. So the next time you’re stumped on which colors and patterns will look good in your home, turn to one of these collections for instant inspiration!