Many people believe that a home is a true reflection of our personality. It’s where we spend the majority of our time—and where we go to relax and unwind—so it’s important that whatever space you live in feels like it belongs to you. You want your home to feel just like that: home. 

Whether you’ve lived somewhere for years or you’re just starting to furnish a new space, picking out home decor is a crucial element in making any environment feel complete, and choosing a rug is no exception. Not only do rugs make a space feel warm and inviting, but they also can add a pop of personality to any room. But not just any personality—your personality!

So how do you know which style suits you best? Well, I paired some of Fab Habitat’s best rugs with a bunch of different traits so you can find which rug you should pick based on your personality. 

Ready to get started? Let’s meet your match!

For the Outgoing One:

If you’re super outgoing (aka, the life of the party) you’ve gotta go for a rug with a personality as big as yours. That’s why the Serowe rug is perfect for you! The black-and-white pattern will add a boldness to any living space that can’t be beat. Plus, it’s stain-resistant and easy to clean, making it a great choice for someone who loves to entertain their friends and family.

For the Quiet One:

If you tend to prefer relaxing over hosting, I’m totally with you! For those of us who are more reserved, our home acts as a sanctuary for us and we want our decor to feel calm and cozy. The Kenai rug in ivory adds a natural touch to any room while feeling super soft under your feet. It pairs great with other neutral decor by adding style without sacrificing comfort.

For the Hardworking One:

If you work from home (or if you can’t quite seem to separate work life from your personal life) it’s important to make your space feel productive. Some say that blues and greens improve focus and efficiency—making the Ethos rug a great go-to for you! The beautiful thick stripes of various shades of blue would look great in any home office.

For the Adventurous One:

If you’re a world traveler and love showing off your souvenirs in your home, you need a rug that’ll match all of those wonderful adventures. The Roswell rug has a geometric pattern that’s made to stand out, but neutral colors that keep it toned down—resulting in a beautiful design fit for any explorer.

For the Stylish One:

Home decor should be an extension of your personal style. So if you’re all about keeping up with the latest fashion and beauty trends, the Nassau rug is a perfect fit. Its elegant floral design with shades of pink, blue, and green make it a lovely addition to any fashionista’s home. 

For the Artistic One:

If you have a creative job (or just enjoy a creative hobby on the side) your space should always feel inspiring to you. Going for a bold pop of color, like this Glamis rug in mustard yellow, is a great way to keep the good vibes flowing throughout your home, creating a sense of optimism and joy. 

From the outgoing ones to the artsy ones (and everyone in between), all of our rugs are one-of-a-kind—just like you! So you’re sure to find the perfect match for your personality. 

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